PT. Lintang Biru InternasionalT. Lintang Biru Internasional is a company engaged in the field of human resources, with an emphasis on crew management, crew recruiting and crew manning service. We are incorporated as a manning agency to recruit, hire and deploy Indonesian Seafarers for shipboard or shore-based employment on worldwide-going vessels.

Our company is located in the area of Tanjung Priok Jakarta Indonesia, where the region is a strategic area for the world cruise. Access to a variety of places and going to our office extremely easy.

We hope to achieve our goal of being one of the country’s leading supplier of qualified and competent seafarers in the shipping industry. The agency is steered by marine professionals with years of shipboard experience.PT. Lintang Biru Internasional

we provide quality services in a short time at competitive rates.

Our crews can be independently because of the method we use accurate and proactive, they are working with a professional with constructive feedback and innovation.

We ensure that an open and transparent communication. all the staff and crew we were working with an integrated personnel information system that can also be accessed by our clients.

With a personal approach, we build long-term relationships with clients who trust each other.